• Erik Frederickson - Life Coach and Recovery Coach

2020 Joan of Arc's

In the early 1400’s France was deep into “The 100 Years War," but prophecy had been circulating the region for years about a young maiden that would lead France to victory.

As young as 13 yrs old Joan of Arc spoke of seeing and encountering heavenly beings, and hearing God speak to her. She said that God told her that she would lead France to victory and drive the English out of France.

Poised after her encounters with God at the age of 16 yrs old she had her uncle take her to a local military stronghold where she demanded they take her to Charles the 7th so she could council him on military matters and help, "deliver France from her misery." She went with her hair cut short and dressed as a man.

They paid her no mind. She returned a bit later and told them, "there will be no help if not from me." She than proceeded to give them prophetic insight as to a specific battle and exactly what would happen in this battle.

That specific battle played out exactly as she prophesied. The local military then agreed to take her to Charles the 7th. Charles the 7th, knowing of her coming, wasn’t fully convinced.

The two had never met and upon Joan of Arc arriving (dressed like a man) Charles the 7th dressed in disguise and hid in his entourage to see if she was for real. Joan didn’t kneel at the dressed up King’s feet when she arrived, she detoured and picked the disguised King out inside the King's chambers and addressed him as King.

Still not fully convinced Charles put her under a microscope and had theologians and political leaders inspect her life to see if she was legit. She passed their tests as a teenage girl and France's top theologians and political advisors deemed her as, "pious, devote, virtuous, and above all, certain of her message."

She lead the army of France to many victories. In multiple occasions being wounded in battle and still leading the charge. On at least one occasion a commander of the opposing army literally retreated before Frances army even made it to the battle field after he had heard that the young God fearing woman was leading them.

She was extremely instrumental in turning the tides for France in the 100 Years War. Controversy clouds the end of life and multiple theories exist, but she was burned at the stake in 1431. Only later to have her name cleared of any wrong doing 20 yrs after her death by Charles the 7th, and later to be canonized by Pope Benedict XV in 1920.


In coming years we will see more believers like Joan of Arc transform nations, this move of God has already begun. <