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Former Cop fed his heroin addiction through the evidence locker, he now helps others recover

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

“As time went by and my addiction grew to dependence I began doctor shopping and lying about injuries so I could get more. Worried about getting found out I was convinced by my addict-mind to switch to heroin. I had an ongoing supply because of my position and access to the evidence room,” stated former police officer Michael Koch in a written article.

Former Police Officer Michael Koch grew up wanting to do good. This desire earned him a degree in criminal justice and by the age of 20 a job as a full time police office in San Diego County.

He had a good reputation and bright future ahead of himself, but alcohol abuse was a consistent and increasing theme is his life. He quickly became a functioning alcoholic.

"Then I found the one thing that solved all my problems, Vicodin," Koch revealed. After an injury he found himself with bottles of doctor prescribed pain killers. He laid down the alcohol and picked up the pain pills as his "new outlet for escape".

A 19 yr career took him through undercover narcotics, property crimes, and finally a narcotics detective, but when his "addict mind" convinced him to switch to heroin the dangerous downward spiral began.

"I had an ongoing supply because of my position and access to the evidence room. No one knew besides me and my God that I voluntarily abandoned in 2002 for no particular reason. I was living in torment, shame and hopelessness. Living this double life, I hated what I had become," Koch candidly recalls of his downward spiral.

Short attempts at recovery never took root. Then one morning a couple of fellow law enforcement officers knocked on his door and his whole life came crashing down, the secret was out. "But I was relieved that this secret hell was done," he expressed. He ended up pleading guilty and heading to get help.

A trip to rehab, a divorce, losing his career, criminal charges, and bankruptcy ensued, but he stayed sober. Through the help of 12-step recovery he now has over 7 yrs of recovery.

He has now made it his life's work to help people step out of addiction and into recovery. He has worked for multiple detox and treatment centers. His heart burns to help those that still struggle, and he uses his past as a weapon to help better others futures.

If he can overcome that mess, anyone can step into recovery.

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