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Hollywood's Line in the Sand

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

God has drawn a line in the sand in Hollywood. I have had a sense for years now he has been reaching out to Hollywood at large and trying to draw many people into repentance, some have responded, many have not.

God began speaking this specific word to me at the beginning of 2020, and I feel it's time to release it.

God had a window of time in recent year where he was seeing whose hearts were open to change, that window has closed. God has drawn a line in the sand and those that are for Him will ride through what He is about to do fairly unscathed, those that have resisted His grace will be exposed or left to fend for themselves for a season. God is not punishing, He is exposing and people's consequences for their own actions are coming to light.

The Father's arms are wide open for anyone in Hollywood (anyone at all for that matter) that allows His love to enter their heart, but God is doing something specific in Hollywood in the next 1-3 yrs.

This is not Old Testament wrath coming against Hollywood, God has been extremely patient and now He is leaving Hollywood to its own devices for a season and removing darkness so He can replace it will Light.

A unimaginable amount of evil is going to be revealed in Hollywood. Even with the recent Harvey Weinstein scandal being exposed, it's just the tip of the iceberg. God's plans for turning Hollywood into a beautiful expression of creativity and hope are under way, but first He is cleaning house.

Here are some things that I feel will come about as confirmations into what God is doing in Hollywood.

-More then one production company will file for bankruptcy in the next 1-3 yrs time.

-A major production company will even have a fire on it's property. This will be a sign of Matthew 3:11, God's cleansing fire is coming to prepare the way for habitation of His Holy Spirit in Hollywood. After some time, and an investigation, it will prove that the fire was arson started out of fear of financial issues and a plan to collect insurance money.

-Many more celebrity scandals will come to light. Scandals such as financial, sexual, drug, and extortion. No evil that has been concealed up to this point is safe from God's exposure.

-We will see an increase in drug and alcohol addiction and it's repercussions. Celebrities will have bizarre public episodes and meltdowns. Some of these celebrities that have struggled with addiction will step into relationship with God and recover, some won't. God is for them and wants to transform their life, but not all of Hollywood wants to change.

-Even Netflix will feel some of the financial strain, and actors and actresses will be scrambling to try and protect the empires they've been trying to construct. We will see multiple celebrities filing bankruptcy in the next 1-3 yrs.

God has extended his grace to all of these people, their own actions are causing this to happen.

God is exposing darkness and removing it so His plans can come to Light.

-We will see celebrities that we NEVER thought would change, publicly declare that Jesus is Lord. Just like God transformed Kanye West's life, and he has been publicly vocal about it, more of Hollywood's elite will give their lives to Jesus.

-God has already prepared hundreds of His servants and filled them with His Spirit, and He will launch them into positions of influence in Hollywood. There is a new breed of creative believers going to be unleashed in Hollywood. God has positions like jobs on sets, screen writing, acting, producers, and so on set aside for this new creative breed of believers. They are waiting in the wings.

-There will be some lawsuits and "kicking and screaming" as God moves His people in, but nothing will stop what He is doing.

Let's pray for Hollywood as God wants to see lives transformed, but He also is removing darkness. By 2030 Hollywood will have a new and never before seen look, and God's presence and people will be easily seen all over Hollywood.


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