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Kanye West - "I was addicted to opioids."

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

"I was drugged the #@!$ out, bro. I was drugged out...I was addicted to opioids," Kanye West admitted in 2018 to a TMZ journalist. The winner of 21 (yes, 21) Grammy awards shared openly about his past addiction to pain killers. The addiction kicked in when he was prescribed opioids after undergoing a liposuction surgery in 2016.

The insanely talented music producer and rapper has been all over the headlines recently with his revitalized faith and relationship with Christ. He has been traveling the country performing Sunday services for Jesus.

It wasn't that long ago, 2016, he made headlines for a "mental breakdown" and week long hospitalization. News outlets ran stories on his "sleep deprivation and exhaustion", Kanye came clean with the real story.

"I was on opioids...two days after I got off the opioids, I'm in the hospital," West shared. The Grammy Award winner continued, "I got liposuction, and they gave me opioids. I started taking two of them and driving to work." West explained further and said that it progressed to the point of him asking his assistant to get him weed and pills before his shows.

The severity of the situation hit Kanye when his assistant pointed out to him, "you know this is used to kill genius, right?" The now 40 yr old father saw the writing on the wall and quit, two days later a "mental breakdown" ensued.

West has never been shy of voicing his views and he continued in the same interview. He shared that upon leaving the hospital they gave him more pills then he had before he went in to get medical help. West finished by saying this about our society, "We are drugged out. We are following other people’s opinions. We are controlled by the media."

He is now clean and sober. His life has changed so dramatically that he recently announced that he will no longer make secular music, only Gospel music. The announcement came in the midst of his new traveling ministry and release of his upcoming album, "Jesus is King."

The musical genius may have had a drug addiction in his past, but his life is making a new statement. "I came to Christ. I came out of darkness into the light," the new Gospel artist has proclaimed.


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