• Erik Frederickson - Life Coach and Recovery Coach

Marijuana Madness

For well over a decade I smoked weed most days, and most of the day on those days. I had come to believe some lies about getting high, things like smoking weed made me smarter, more creative, or more energetic.

You would think that as smoking weed opened the door for me to do other drugs and slowly deteriorated my life I would have realized that it wasn’t working. I often wanted to quit, but I couldn’t seem to do so.

I would quit drinking insane amounts of vodka and taking innumerable amounts of pills, only to try a marijuana maintenance program. This idea that smoking weed only would somehow help me get my life back on track always lead me back to the pills and drinking.

It wasn’t until complete abstinence from all substances that I began to recover and live in a truly satisfying life.

Having worked with countless people in recovery during my almost decade of recovery I have been asked many times by people in early recovery, “what do you think about me smoking weed only?”

I always answer the same way.

Having tried it myself, having lived almost a decade clean and sober, and having interacted with endless people trying to get clean and sober (or living clean and sober) NOT ONCE have I seen someone with real addiction issues successfully smoke marijuana only.

I have watched time and time again as people have tried the marijuana maintenance program and it took them back to the hell of deeper addiction. Whether it took a matter of days, weeks, or months I have yet to see someone only smoke weed and it not lead them back to their drug of choice.

I have also watched this futile attempt not only lead people back to their drug of choice, but lead too many people to a sad and early death.

Anyone with addiction issues is using the substances to numb a much deeper pain, and what is needed is a relationship with God and true and healthy recovery.

Here are 3 reasons why I believe you cannot be clean and sober and smoke Marijuana

1- It’s a drug.