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Narcan Saved His Life 3 Times, Now He is Thriving in Recovery [Video]

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

"There I was being saved for the third time in my life by Narcan. This time by the hands of my 17yr old son. Last thing I remember I lied to him and had him drive me to go pick up heroin and I went to the gas station and went into the bathroom and shot it up," said 38yr old former addict Ryan Wilson.

Roughly 3yrs ago Ohio native Ryan WIlson experienced the pain of his brother being found dead on his living room floor. The following few weeks Wilson overdosed twice and was saved by Narcan both times. Narcan is a nasal spray that reverses the effects of an oipoid overdose. Narcan is not the answer to the drug epidemic, it won't eradicate this massive problem, but it does give the addict one more chance to step into recovery and a relationship with God.

Shortly after the episode where his son's administration of Narcan saved his life, Wilson found himself homeless and going from dope house to dope house. It was on June 20th 2017, he found himself with a group of addicts at a trailer park when the police rolled onto the scene. His first thought was to run, but in that moment he said he heard an internal voice speak to him clear as day, "Be still," is what the voice said.

He obeyed the voice and stayed still and surrendered himself to the law. The handcuffs went on and he was immediately shipped to jail to detox. Three weeks into his lengthy jail sentence he was moved to a new jail cell with a new cell mate.

Upon entering his new cell his new bearded cell mate sharply explained, "In this cell we grow beards, we work out, and we pray." "I wanted nothing to do with all three of those things, but I knew I had been talking to somebody, praying to something, I just didn't know what...I decided to start praying with him," Ryan Wilson shared in our interview.

His life began to change, and fast. "I was feeling peace, I was feeling hope," even behind bars Wilson began experiencing a true transformation unfold in his life. His sentence was miraculously changed and instead of a 2yr jail sentence he was offered 90 days in rehab.

He found himself in a sober living home not to long after it where he ended up managing the house for a season.

Over two years into his new found freedom and recovery Ryan is now enjoying being newly and happily married to his beautiful wife. His relationships with his three children and step child have been restored, and he loves spending time with them.

It’s safe to say he is thriving in his recovery. He is working and he is in his second year of bible school, where he gets straight A's. He shares his story openly and regularly in hopes that he can help others escape the hell of addiction that he once knew to well.

“It can turn around, He can save. He has delivered me and He has delivered so many others. He can deliver you too,” the former addict passionately spoke. He couldn’t help but give the credit for his recovery to God.

Stories like these need to be told, they need to heard, and they need to be highlighted.

Ryan shared his full story on The Recovering Reality Podcast.

If you or a loved one need help, pick up the phone and get help. Reach out and know that if Ryan can do it, so can you!

Looking for more hope? You check out this 15min video of when God began to transform my life from horrible addiction.


If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction or mental health issues, reach out and get help. There are great local resources available.

ADAMHS Board - 330-343-1811

Recovering Reality - Recovery Coaching- - 619-880-6935

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