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Small Adjustments = BIG Results

"If someone gives me a bunch of money..."

"When I feel better about myself..."

"When I get a better job..."

"When I get a new boyfriend/girlfriend..."

The list could go on. These are the types of things I told myself for 13yrs while I was lazy, did drugs, and drank. I told myself that I'd change when something BIG and awesome came my way.

When that happened, then I would better my life and do the work to progress and succeed. I had it all wrong, and as a result my life got worse for years.

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It was when I started making the small adjustments on a daily basis that my life started changing. The change seemed slow at first, but I continued taking responsibility, connecting with God, and stepping outside my comfort zone. As I did this my life got better and better.

Here are 3 tips to add small and beneficial adjustments to your life.

1- Morning Routine.

For over a decade I've been getting up before the sun. I read, I pray, I journal, and I mentally prepare for my day.

I can't always control what the day brings, but I can control my spiritual, mental, and emotional well being so that when the day comes at me I'm ready for it.

2- Keep a schedule.

I use my iPhone app. I put every single appointment, phone call, zoom meeting, lunch appointment, and fun dates with my family in my schedule. I used to juggle it all in my head, and it was stressful. Now that it's all in order I can set reminders, look over it the night before, and pray over it the morning of.

3- Keep Accountability Partners

When we have to answer for our actions on a continually basis it motivates us to do better. Regardless of the struggle you may be facing (be it recovery, starting a business, getting healthy) you'll benefit greatly from going on the journey with others that are striving for the same goal.

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