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"Spiritual Experience"

From Guest Blogger and Recovery Advocate Jessica Sanders

In my 6 years of recovery I have spent many days in and out of meeting halls. Surrounded by recovering addicts and alcoholics. I have a very high value for the program and I have seen the promises come true in my own life. I will also tell you that I have seen two types of recovery.

Let me explain, I have seen a person in recovery scraping and clawing their way one day at a time through the years. Trading drugs and alcohol for copious amounts of nicotine, caffeine, and sugar. Their thoughts still consumed with their struggle and negativity. To be honest, the only thing that has changed is they quit using drugs and alcohol.

Then, there is the other type. The ones who are full of real, lasting joy. It can be seen on their faces, heard in their voices, even seen in the way they walk. They are exuberant and eager to share the hope that they have found. Ones who are full of gratitude and their conversations are full of wisdom. They are authentic and their lifestyle has completely changed. It's genuine and attractive to people who are listening. They are people who have something others want.

That something happens to be a true spiritual experience and it is available to every single living, breathing person who walks on this earth. It's not some magical feeling that falls from the sky. This real spiritual experience is a choice to turn your life and your will over to the care of God. Not just any God, but Jesus Christ.

To go even a step further by choosing to make Jesus the Lord of your life. This means that you no longer live your life for yourself but instead you live your life to please God. You learn what pleases God by learning about who He is and listening to what He has to say. All of these things are found in the Holy Bible. If you make a real decision to turn your life over to Jesus it only makes sense to find out who you're handing all of your attitudes and actions to.

If you go looking for Jesus you are promised to find Him. When a person in recovery truly turns their lives over to God and works through an honest program they do recover. Their lives become transformed and their minds renewed. They think and live differently. They become completely new people. Once you taste and see this new recovered life you only want more. A true spiritual experience produces life, while doing things our own way only brings struggle and ultimately death.

This is my experience in recovery. Turning my life and my will over to Jesus has been the greatest decision of my life. Letting Jesus be the one in charge has helped me to thrive in recovery and I'm still going strong today. Today, choose life! Choose Jesus!


Erik Frederickson is Life and Recovery Coach. He has clients all over the world and he is considered an expert at helping people transform their life in powerful ways.

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