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The Power of Gratitude [Video]

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

We live in a society that gives us every reason to be overwhelmed with the live giving mentality of gratitude, while simultaneously trying to get us to be offended at everything.

I've found the easiest way for me to remain joyful and hopeful is to practice gratitude on a daily basis.

How many of us can honestly say we are practicing remaining grateful on a daily basis?


This short video will help you grow in gratitude with tips and practical mindset shifts.


I've been to the third world countries and ghettos, I've been in the back woods poverty of America, I've been chained to the death sentence of addiction, I've been behind bars and this list could go on.

Every time I've ventured back into the darkness to be a light, I find myself leaving that environment and heading back home with a little more gratitude.

Maybe you haven't experienced the darkness that exists in this world, or maybe you have, but no matter what circumstances or situation you're in you can find reasons to be grateful.

I was recently reminded of how much I have to be grateful for when I was talking with a young man in early recovery. This young man explained to me the recent passing of his friend due to the ramifications of the disease of addiction.

As this young man spoke I was reminded of how many times I should have died in addiction. I was reminded of the times I got the news of well over 3o of my friends that died from addiction.

As these thoughts flooded my mind I was also reminded of my beautiful wife, our amazing two boys, and the life that we have together. I was reminded of my decade of recovery and God's grace that has empowered me to live a life that I never could of dreamed of.

The pain and confusion of this world doesn't take breaks, but we don't have to take breaks from finding reasons to be grateful either. One of the most powerful tools to stay free from the chaos the world cooks up on a daily basis is the practice of gratitude.

We can find any number of reasons to be upset, bitter, offended, and discouraged.

How hard are looking to find reasons to be joyful, encouraged, hopeful, and optimistic?

How about living in a free country, having running water, being able to call a friend or family member at any time, food to eat, a second chance on life, and most importantly enjoying the gift of life.

Imagine the possibilities you could capitalize on if your mind was always rooted in gratitude?

I've learned that the way I think steers my actions into that reality, so today I'll be intentional and find reasons to be thankful. I'll find reasons to put on a lens of gratitude.

Try it, it could save your life and might just empower you to help save someone else's life.

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