• Erik Frederickson - Life Coach and Recovery Coach

Relapse does not have to be part of your story.

Relapse can unfortunately be common with some people in recovery, but you don't have to buy into the thinking that you're going to relapse at some point.

Over 11 yrs into my recovery journey and having helped hundreds of people get clean and sober I have identified two time periods when people most often relapse. The first is the obvious, it's early recovery.

Years of active addiction put us on a course of creating, and avoiding problems.

That and the fact that changing from active addiction into healthy recovery is hard enough by itself and it can sometimes feel like the perfect storm. But no matter the mess someone has created, recovery is possible and the choice to recover is always the best one.

Struggling to step into recovery, and stay in recovery? Check out this amazing story of a friend of ours stepping into recovery after decades of active addiction.

The second time that I see people relapse is a not so obvious one, and that is when life gets good again. When life gets good again we can sometimes fall into the trap of thinking, "I got my life back in order. I can manage my drinking and using now."

Let's say you fall into one of these categories and you've relapsed, first of all it's OK. I'm not condoning a relapse, but you are still loved and recovery is still worth it. Also, know may have lost your sobriety date but you didn't lose the experience you gained.

If you're really ready to change, take accountability and responsibility as fast as you can. The sooner you face it, the sooner you get past it. Admit your wrongs and start getting back to what you know works.

One of the biggest things I emphasize with my clients when it comes to relapse prevention, or what to do if you relapsed, is the importance of daily habits and disciplines.

Just about every time I talk with someone that has relapsed I ask them what their daily spiritual fitness was like and almost always they admit that it was few and far between, or nonexistent.

If you feel yourself a bit of shape, spiritually speaking, the best way I have found to get back into clear thinking and actions is by getting back to the daily disciplines of reading, writing, praying, and talking with people in recovery.

So you might have relapsed, but you don't have to dig that hole deeper. Rock bottom is simple, it's where you decide to stop digging. Call someone and admit what's going on, and start getting back into spiritual shape today.

And remember this...

God loves you, forgives you, and wants you to be happy even more then you do. He is on your side. He is the best partner you'll ever have, and remember, "No one that matters is keeping track of your failures." - Mike Maeshiro

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  • Erik Frederickson - Life Coach and Recovery Coach

For those caught in the struggle.

I’ve lived in my car, and my copilot was alcohol and drugs.

Even a couple years into my recovery journey I would still get nervous when cops were behind me, because of the residue and fear of living in active addiction for over a decade.

I’ve stared down the barrel of a gun that I was holding contemplating if life was worth living.

This sad reality happened more than once.

I’ve had multiple active warrants out for my arrest all at the same time.

I don't miss living in that fear.

I’ve gone a couple days without food because I used my last dollars for gas in the car.

And I thought that was how life was supposed to be lived.

I know what it’s like to hide in a dark room and pull a blanket over my head afraid of people and the sunlight.

My heart still goes out to people trapped in this dark reality.


I also know what it’s like to have all my legal consequences wiped clean in a day.

Only the grace of God could do that!

I also know what it’s like to be used by God to stop someone else from suicide while they were holding a noose.

From hopeless, to hope dealer...only God can do that.

I also know what it’s like to live over a decade drug and alcohol free.

When God enters onto the scene so does real freedom.

I also know what it’s like to love people so much that I chase them down on the street to pray for them sometimes.

Once you experience His love, you become possessed to give it away.

I also know the unspeakable joy of being a husband and father.

A true gift.

I also know what’s it’s like to know God, not just know about Him, but know Him.

There is a BIG difference. Knowing Him is the joy of my life.

No matter how low you’ve gone, God can RADICALLY transform your life. As a matter of fact, it’s what He’s best at.

Give God an inch, and He will give you a mile.

Erik Frederickson is Life and Recovery Coach. He has clients all over the world and he is considered an expert at helping people transform their life in powerful ways.

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  • Erik Frederickson - Life Coach and Recovery Coach

From Guest Blogger and Recovery Advocate Jessica Sanders

In my 6 years of recovery I have spent many days in and out of meeting halls. Surrounded by recovering addicts and alcoholics. I have a very high value for the program and I have seen the promises come true in my own life. I will also tell you that I have seen two types of recovery.

Let me explain, I have seen a person in recovery scraping and clawing their way one day at a time through the years. Trading drugs and alcohol for copious amounts of nicotine, caffeine, and sugar. Their thoughts still consumed with their struggle and negativity. To be honest, the only thing that has changed is they quit using drugs and alcohol.

Then, there is the other type. The ones who are full of real, lasting joy. It can be seen on their faces, heard in their voices, even seen in the way they walk. They are exuberant and eager to share the hope that they have found. Ones who are full of gratitude and their conversations are full of wisdom. They are authentic and their lifestyle has completely changed. It's genuine and attractive to people who are listening. They are people who have something others want.

That something happens to be a true spiritual experience and it is available to every single living, breathing person who walks on this earth. It's not some magical feeling that falls from the sky. This real spiritual experience is a choice to turn your life and your will over to the care of God. Not just any God, but Jesus Christ.

To go even a step further by choosing to make Jesus the Lord of your life. This means that you no longer live your life for yourself but instead you live your life to please God. You learn what pleases God by learning about who He is and listening to what He has to say. All of these things are found in the Holy Bible. If you make a real decision to turn your life over to Jesus it only makes sense to find out who you're handing all of your attitudes and actions to.

If you go looking for Jesus you are promised to find Him. When a person in recovery truly turns their lives over to God and works through an honest program they do recover. Their lives become transformed and their minds renewed. They think and live differently. They become completely new people. Once you taste and see this new recovered life you only want more. A true spiritual experience produces life, while doing things our own way only brings struggle and ultimately death.

This is my experience in recovery. Turning my life and my will over to Jesus has been the greatest decision of my life. Letting Jesus be the one in charge has helped me to thrive in recovery and I'm still going strong today. Today, choose life! Choose Jesus!

Erik Frederickson is Life and Recovery Coach. He has clients all over the world and he is considered an expert at helping people transform their life in powerful ways.

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