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America Needs to Fully Reopen, and the Drug Addiction Epidemic is one of the Biggest Reasons Why

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

"It's a pandemic within a pandemic." said former addict and ex-con Tim Ryan in a FoxNews interview.

"As millions upon millions are out of work across the country, Ryan said the risk of Americans turning to alcoholism or drug use to cope with the daily stress of life in isolation has never been higher." -FoxNews

Ted Ryan, 2016


As someone in recovery and working in the field of addiction and recovery myself, I can say from first hand experience that in my 11 yrs of recovery I've never seen anything like this. More friends and acquaintances have relapsed and overdosed in the last four or five months than any four or five month span I remember in all my days of addiction and recovery. It's shocking.

Check out my radio interview covering this topic


"The potency of being sober and then going again and using the stuff that is out here in the street, it can bring death...It will bring death. We've seen it," stated Marty Calderon of God Touch Milwaukee during an WTMJ-Milwaukee interview.

States across the nation are reporting massive spikes in relapses and overdoses.

Arkansas - "Fort Smith paramedics from May to July have on average responded to 50 overdose calls per week — a 40%-60% response increase to these kinds of calls from the first four months of the year."

Pennsylvania - "Overdose deaths skyrocket in Pennsylvania during COVID-19 pandemic"

Illinois, Chicago - "Opioid overdoses skyrocket in the face of COVID-19 pandemic; stronger drugs, scarce treatment blamed."

"Deaths from suicides and drug overdoses currently exceed deaths due to the COVID-19 virus, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) director Dr. Robert Redfield warned during a medical presentation earlier this month."

This list could go on and on.

With endless incidents of botched and fabricated cases of COVID it poses the question over and over again, why has America handled this the way it has, and why does it continue?

I encourage you to speak up! Get loud!

People's lives are at stake, and NOT just from the virus that "kills about 0.26 percent of the people it infects." CDC, NYPOST.COM.

More people are dying from overdoses and suicides than from COVID. At the very least make sure you're checking in on your loved ones and getting them any help that is possible during this time.

The recovery community needs help now more than ever.


Erik Frederickson is Life and Recovery Coach. He has clients all over the world and he is considered an expert at helping people transform their life in powerful ways.

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