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Mega Church Pastor Greg Laurie tells the Christians doubting Kanye Wests salvation to “shut up”

In a recent sermon Evangelical Mega Church Pastor Greg Laurie told Christians that are doubting Kanye Wests recent declaration of faith in Jesus to “shut up” and pray for Kanye.

Greg Laurie is no stranger to filling arenas for Jesus, as he has held Harvest Crusades for years. He has multiple churches and is based out of Southern California.

Laurie added, “How about this, how about we pray for him. Pray that he gets grounded in his faith.”

Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock for the last six months you’ve seen the media cover just about everything Kanye West has done and said in his recent transformation in Christ.

Kanye West was recently on Jimmy Kimmel and Kimmel asked West, “Kanye, are you a Christian artist now?” Mr. West replied with conviction, “I’m a Christian everything.”

The world famous rapper and recipient of 21 Grammy Awards has been seeing thousands surrend their lives to Jesus at his “Sunday Services” all around the country. West’s new album “Jesus is King” debuted at #1 on the Billboard charts and has created a huge buzz, everywhere. West is not only making music for Jesus, he is telling everyone what Christ has done in his life.

“With God, I’ve been able to beat things that had full control over me,” West spoke about his addiction to pornography. West also struggled with an opioid addiction, that is now gone.

His new faith is also touching the lives of those closest to him, as his celebrity wife Kim Kardashian and their children have decided to follow Jesus.

Christian leaders could only dream of impacting as many people over their whole life as Kanye West has already has in his short walk with The King of Kings.

He also released a movie along side his album called “Jesus is King.” The film even got an 83% rating from Rotten Tomatoes (that’s really good).

The future will be the revealing of Kanye’s faith, but the fruit of his proclaimed walk with The King is speaking pretty loud!


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