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Sheriff has breakfast with addict who turned himself in on warrants before taking him to get help.

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Sheriff Ron Hain of Kane County Illinois is making a big impact in transforming peoples lives. He acts and thinks outside the box, and it seems to be working. He has 22yrs of law enforcement under his belt and has been credited with hundreds of important arrests.

”Hain has received five meritorious service awards and two Officer of the Year awards for several successful major criminal investigations. He also received the nationally presented "Relentless Award" in 2013 for his work in criminal interdiction. In his career, Ron Hain has seized over 4,000 lbs. of black-market marijuana, over 100 kilograms of cocaine and heroin, and over $3,000,000 in illicit currency, along with hundreds of illegally possessed firearms associated with those crimes.” Cited from the Kane County website.

Sheriff Hain has even gone as far as checking himself into his own jail to see what the complaining is all about. Article here.

He even fought for an early release of an ex addict who has made great strides in turning his life around. Article here.

His new act of hope has made a buzz on social media. A young man that has struggled with a heroin addiction for many years wanted to turn himself in for multiple outstanding warrants relating to retail theft and drug possession.

This young man reached out to Sheriff Hain and the Sheriff agreed to have breakfast with him. After encouraging the young over breakfast, and letting him know that recovery was possible, Sheirff Hain and the young man drove to the Recovery Pod of Sheirff Hain's jail.

"Please let us help you find a way out of addiction and the criminal cycle , whether it's placement at a treatment center or jail recovery while you work through court issues. We're here to help." -Sheirff Hain

We need more law enforcement like this man!


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