• Erik Frederickson - Life Coach and Recovery Coach

What I've learned during 11 yrs of recovery

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Today marks 11 yrs of trekking the beautiful road of recovery. Many things have changed in 11 yrs. When my journey started on April 9, 2009, I was broken, defeated, lost, and begging money from my family for weekly rent at a run down sober living house in Orange County, California.

Life is good today! Not perfect, but good. I have a beautiful wife and we've been married over 4 yrs and we have two amazing sons ages 2 and 3. They have never seen me drunk or high. My wife and sons are gifts, and I'm honored and grateful to have a healthy and happy family.

I also have my own business where I have the privilege of working with people all over the planet and walking them out of addiction and into recovery. My work doesn't feel like work, it brings me great joy.

I get to work with city, county, state, and national leaders in the fight against addiction. I get to speak regularly in businesses, churches, and community events and share hope and what God has done in my life.

But what do I love most about my work? The most enjoyable part for me is the one on one work I get to do with everyday people that have and do struggle with addiction.

I love connecting with people on a heart level and showing them that they truly can recover, and giving them the tools to do so. And a step past that, I love to get them engaged with their destiny and bigger purpose in life. Most of all, I love putting their hand in God's. He is the answer, He is the solution, and He has the power to break every chain.

Surrendering to Victory Video

I’ve learned some tough lessons and gained some powerful experience along the way. Here are a few things that I hope encourage you.

Life doesn't magically become perfect.</