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You're Already Disciplined, You Just Need To Apply It The Right Way - Part 1

If you think about it, people that struggle with addiction are already very disciplined people. For years we stayed focused on being drunk and high no matter what. That takes a lot of discipline.

What if the discipline you need is already in you, you just need a different mindset and value system to reap the right benefits from it?

When we were caught in active addiction our motivating factor was running from responsibilities and numbing the pain that life had dealt us, or the pain we dealt ourselves.

What if the same discipline can be accessed and used for your recovery?

Just flip the script on it

I believe the first step to seeing discipline as a positive thing is learning to see correction as a positive thing. When we resist correction (healthy correction from healthy people, that is) it shows that we think we have it all figured out, and we all know that we don't.

When my recovery started I had hit a new low. I was forced into a decision. Refuse correction and eventually die, or embrace correction and live the life I had been dreaming of. I took correction and direction.

One of the first places I applied it was in my daily disciplines of prayer and reading. The results? Well, they were powerful and life changing.

I could stay high and drunk everyday no matter what, therefore I had no excuse to not be connecting with God and handling my business matter what.

Discipline is active in your life no matter what, think about it...

You might say, “I’m not disciplined. I watch way to much Netflix.”

Well, it’s takes discipline to watch that much Netflix. You’re watching that much Netflix because you believe it’s providing you some kind of value. Is it?

Once you realize that applying your discipline to binge watching isn’t empowering you to partake of the life you truly want you’re left with a decision. That decision is, do you still want to use your time and discipline to do something that isn't getting you where you really want to go?

So, where do you want to go?

And are the actions you're taking getting you there?

Here's 3 Quick Tips to Begin to Shift Your Discipline

1- Write down where you want to be in the next 90 days of your life.

2- Begin to pray into that 90 day vision on a daily basis.

3- As the vision begins to manifest in your life, update and adjust it for continued growth.


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